Saturday, October 22, 2016

Astronotus Ocellatus [Oscar Fish] [ASTRONOTINAE]


General Specifications

Latin Name: Astronotus Ocellatus.
Geographic Origin: Colombia, Venezuela, France Guyana, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, has been very common in nature. It is collected from many river systems, Amazonas, Negro, solimãμes, Ucayali, Approuagu and Oyapock. Most often found in wooded areas of slow moving or still water in the shallows.
Nutrition Format: Carnivorous.
Behavior: Moderate aggressive.
Behavior to Their Type: Moderate aggressive.
Swimming Level: Bottom-middle-Surface.
Gender Discrimination: Gender discrimination is very difficult. However, referring to the distinction made in the reproductive period tube tubes releasing fish. The female reproductive wide and oval-tipped tube, boy 'is in the narrow and pointed. Men grow faster than females.


The surface like a flat rock, they spawn. Generating possible in large aquariums. Because male and female co-discrimination had taken a group of 8-10 have kept fish production can be separated.

Living Medium

Temperature: 22 ° C - 25 ° C
Maximum Sizes: 35 cm.
Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 300 liters (for one fish).
Water Hardness: 5-19 ° dH
pH: 6.0 - 8.0

General Comments:  Astronauts which have access to large size, are sleek, predatory fish. Especially young, they are very active. Another feature of the astronaut that they are very intelligent, accustomed to jump over the water can get your bait by hand. It is the biggest mistake that can be made for them to feed in small aquarium. They are dangerous against to the size of fish that they can swallow. There are several color variations. They grow at a rate of 2.5-3cm each month until reach the size 25 cm.