Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Angry Prince of Aquarium

General Specifications
Latin Name: Rocio octofasciatum.
Geographic Origin: Central America
Nutrition Format: Omnivorous
Behavior: Aggressive
Behavior to Their Type: Moderate Aggressive
Swimming Level: Mid, Bottom,
Gender Discrimination: With anal and vent examination it is hard to decide gender. But in general, men are bigger, colors brighter; the fins are more magnificent. The patterns are more apparent. 
They lay eggs over flat surface. The female male protects the eggs together. They are monogamous. They lay their eggs on a flat rock
Living Medium
Temperature: 24 - 30 ° C
Maximum Sizes: 25 cm.
Water Hardness: 9 - 20 ° d
pH: 7 - 8
Minimum Size of Tank: 200 liters for single male
General Comments: 
It's a Jack Dempsey variation. It's not a hybrid. It was recently discovered by aquatic scientist Hector Luzardo. It is not a laboratory type and rare in nature. Care of it similar to other Central American cichlids. Unlike their close