Wednesday, October 19, 2016



7 Wrong Known About Goldfish

Goldfish are the popular pet fish species. But there are lots of wrong known / misconceptions about goldfish. Here 7 most common misconceptions.

1. They have three second memory.

Everybody thinks that fishes have very limited memory. And when we say that fish, everybody imagines a gold fish in a small fish glass. But it is not true. Goldfishes remember lots of things like feeding time, feeding person, other fishes and their living environment more than 3 months.

2. They can live just 1 or 2 years.

Every parents buy a goldfish for their child and one morning they faced with emerged goldfish. Because of that, everybody thinks that goldfish lives just 1-2 years. But it is not true. If you provide a good living medium to goldfish they can live up to 40 years or more.

3. They are vegetarian.

One an other common misconception is that goldfish just eat plants. But goldfishes are omnivore, they eat both plant and meat in natural. Especially in reproduction term they need to take more protein.

4. They can live in fish glass. 

Lots of goldfish jailed to small fish glass (glass bowl). And the owners think that this small bowl is enough for goldfish. But it is a big mistake. For goldfish, vantilation of water, regular water change and filtration is vital.

5. They are peaceful and they can live with other fishes.

OK. They are peaceful but the other fishes must be choosen carefully. In addition, fishes in the tank must be in proper size because goldfish can try to eat them.

6. They can live in a group.

A group of goldfish can be look good but If you place them a small tank water easily go bad and fishes become sick. For each goldfish 35 liters place is advised.

7. They do not become sick easily.

Yes, they are strong pet but if you do not provide good living environment, they get infection often.