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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

15 Basic Rules For a Good Aquarium

15 basic aquarium rules

With a small touch you can have a successful and healthy aquarium. Just a little care is enough for your aquarium friends. Here you can find 15 basic rules for a good aquarium.
Feed two to three times each day
Regular and varied feeding is important for fish
Do not overfeed. Feed must be consumed in about 2 min.
Take care to population in aquarium.
Change water weekly
Test water parameters regularly
Choose fish that live similar temperatures.
Choose fish that mesh together
Provide good filtration
Choose the largest aquarium possible.
Stable conditions are always important for fish.
According to type of fish that you feed, make daily, weekly and monthly checklist.
Be careful when you place new fish/decor/any equipment to aquarium.
Always check your fish condition.
Choose complementary plants, rocks, wood, gravel and etc.

Enjoy the hobby!

Friday, January 06, 2017

Quarantine Tank for Freshwater Aquarium


Hi everyone,
As you remember that I refer quarantine tank (QT) too much on my Common Aquarium Fish Illness and Their Treatment post. And to day I will talk about quarantine tank. What is the importance of quarantine tank? How must it be desingned?

Why quarantine tank is too much important?

Answer is simple. Firstly for your fish health. By using QT you can keep your main tank always healthy and shut off from diseases. Using QT always recommended not only for sick fish but also for new fishes. Because new fishes may carry diseases, and also transfer of fish may stressor to fishes. If you place new fishes to QT, you can easily observe diseases for cure and reduce stress caused by transfer. 
It is can be also called as a hospital of fish. When you see symthom of diseases on anyone of your main tank fish, you must remove and place to QT this fish to protect other fishes against infect.

Desing of Quarantine Tank

As you know that this is not your main tank because of that design is not to much important but filter, aeration and heater are still vital like in main tank.
Tank: You do not need to too big tank. Because this tank is not permanent residence. According to size of fish that you feed 20 - 50 liters is enough size for quarantine tank. You can also use good quality rubber/plastic made container after sterilization.
Filtration: You can use basic type of filters like sponge or hang on back filter. You will use it to clean detritus. 
You can find detailed information about filters here.
Aeration: If you use HOB filter aeration is not mandatory but for other type of filters it is always needed that place a airstone and connect it to a good air pump.
Heater: As I talked above our main aim to use QT to make fish healthy, so that we must arrange temperature according to fish's living medium.
Not: If your fish has a hiding behaivor in it inherent, you can place some smooth stone inside QT to provide hideaway.
In this post, i will not write any medicine because its differ disease to disease. Before store it you must clean it well. And also before reuse it, you must clean it again (at least wash with clean water to remove dust)
Quarantine Period: There is too much thought about that but there is not exact timing about quarantine. So that i will share with you may tactic. For new fish 3 week is enough. You can buy fish from confidential petshop, but if you want to clear all doubt you must wait a little bit more and in this period do not forget to observe your fish situation and behaivors. 
If you keep fish in QT because of disease, this time you must be more patient because there is no time limitation for it. Till your fish get healthy again you must wait.
Thank you for reading...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

What you need for a good goldfish aquarium?


I started to write this blog to give you information about specification of fresh and saltwater species. If you have an aquarium you must know that lots of thing about your fish to ensure them good living medium.

As you know that goldfishes are one of the most popular aquarium fish. I gived general information about goldfish and 7 common misconception about them before. And now I will inform you about "What you need for a good goldfish aquarium?"

What you need for a good goldfish aquarium?

What is the size of a good golfish aquarium?

As I talked that before, keeping golfish in a bowl is one of the biggest mistake. They need space in aquarium because of that for each goldfish you need to at least 40 liters aquarium. I recommend that keeping them as a pair. Hereunder, if you want to keep goldfish you must have at least 80 liters aquarium.

Is the filtration necessary for a good goldfish aquarium?

Yes, it is obligatory. Because, goldfishes produce lots of waste and its easily poison water quality. If you want to keep your fish healty, your aquarium must have a good filtration system. Bio-wheel filtration is recommended. In addtion, filtration system must cycle twice whole water in aquarium.

Which heating system is required for a good goldfish aquarium?

Goldfishes are durable fishes. But you need to careful about temperature of aquarium. It is recommended that placing a small heater to aquarium.

Which gravel and decorations must be placed in a good goldfish aquarium?

They are herbivorous, so if you keep them in real planted aquarium they will eat all plant. You can use plastic plant, but quality of this plant is important. Some low quality aquarium decorations may poison the water. 
Goldfishes are scavengers and they tend to put gravel in their mouth. Therefore, you must land gravel to aquarium. Size of gravel is important, they must be big enough and rounded to protect goldfish to choke. 

What is the other important point for a good goldfish aquarium?

A good air pump is also important for a good goldfish aquarium. And if you keep goldfish having water test kit is recommended. In addition, aquarium must be lighted with lamp that not produce too much heat.